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TOP 10 American insurance companies

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Auto Insurance sector a sector know to be very useful for the people, by the choosing process of the organization for the insurance you should not keep money in the mind but also the service which companies offers, would you really agree that a company which has the thousands of consumers is taking care of all consumers in the same way. The bigger is not always better, the best auto insurance companies are those that are able to provide satisfying combination of competitive pricing, flexible and comprehensive coverage option and excellent customer service.


State farm is the biggest company in Auto insurance & Financial service sector ,state farm headquarter is located in Bloomington, state farm main business is Mutual Automobile insurance, state farm also known as state farm companies , this Auto insurance company holds 18.3% of auto insurance and financial service market shear . State farm’s net worth  is 241.183 billion USD (2015) .


Berkshire hatchway INC.  holds 2nd position with 11.4 % of American Auto insurance market shear warren buffet  has  36% of ownership in this insurance and financial service company,This auto insurance & financial service’s headquarter is in Omaha, Nebraska, USA . this auto insurance and financial service company has total assets of 702.09billion(USD) and the total equity is 348.29 billion (USD). Berkshire hatchway company has more than 350000 employees.


Allstate hold the 3rd rank with 10% of American auto insurance service , all state headquarter is in northbrook USA ,  this auto finance company’s ne income is 325.6 billion USD (2017), this auto finance company has 42900 employees for the financial service.


Progressive is the 4rt largest Auto insurance company in the United state with the 8.8% of Auto insurance market , Progressive’s Headquarter is located in mayfield village Ohio , the company also offers insurance for motorcycles, Boats ,LCV, HCV and home insurance through selected companies. Progressive is not working in USA only but in other countries also like INDIA, Australia etc. company’s   total revenue is about 23.44 billion USD this company has more than 30000 employee.

  1. Farmers Insurance

Don’t be confused by the name of company Yes farmers Insurance  provide Auto insurance and it hold’s 5.3% of market shear of USA auto insurance sector, Farmers insurance group is the subsidiary of Zurich insurance company. Farmers insurance has more than 40000 Executives and independent agents and more than 13000 employee.  Farmers insurance has  16.06 billion USD total asset  and approx equity  4.22 billion USD  .

  1. USAA Insurance.

USSA stands for United Service Automation Association USAA holds 6th largest insurance company in USA with 5% of market shear, the specialty or the uniqueness of this company is that they provide insurance to the people who serve to the USA Army or people who served in the USA army, this company has 12 million of members till now. Total  revenue of USAA is 30.016 (2017) billion USD, total income is 2.422 (2017) billion USD. San Antonio , texas United States.

  1. Liberty Mutual Fund

Liberty founded in 1912, 106 year ago Liberty has worldwide insure business , this insurance company hold  5% of United state’s insurance sector this company’s headquarter is located in175 Berkley street, Boston United state, total revenue of this insurance company is 38.3 billion USD and more than 50000 Employee.

  1. Nation Wide

Nation wide holds 3.7% insurance sector market with this  market shear this insurance company holds 8 largest insurance company in USA. This company funded in 1926, 92 year ago, 46.5 Billion USD, the net income of this company is 520 billion USD and the total asset is 230.6 billion USD , Nation wide insurance company has 32,110 Dedicated employee, Nation wide insurance Headquarter located in Columbus Oho USA.

  1. American Family

American family holds 1.9% market shear of insurance sector , it was founded in 1927,92 year ago, this company has total revenue of 8.714 Billion(2016) and the net income is USD 325.6 billion USD  (2012), the headquarter of this insurance company is in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

  1. Traveler insurance

Traveler insurance hold last position in Americas top 10 Insurance company Traveler insurance company is one of the Oldest insurance company it was founded n 1853 ,165 year ago it is exceptional with this company how According to time they  research & Developed there insurance policies and they are continuously doing so, Travelers insurance company’s Revenue is 28.902 Billion USD and total income is 2.056 billion USD.

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