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Top 10 Chocolate Brands, You Should Know If You Are A Chocolate Lover

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Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Chocolates are loved by each and everyone, from kids to the adults to old aged people.Here is the Top 10 Chocolate Brands.

Chocolates give us the pleasure of happiness. There are so many different brands of chocolate all over the world and the different brands of chocolate contain different flavors of chocolate.

Every region differs the brand of chocolates, it’s so hard to decide which chocolate is best among all, but below are the list of top 10 chocolates which will help you to decide the best of the chocolate for yourself or to gift to your beloved ones and these are loved by everyone all over the world.

1. Ferrero Rocher:

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Ferrero Rocher is ranked as top 1 chocolate among all the other chocolate brands all over the world.

It is top 1 not just because of its rich quality chocolate, but also because of its attracting external appearance, its design and also the fashion and class of chocolate that has been used in this chocolate worldwide comparing to any other chocolate brands.

This leading chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher name worldwide has been at its peak for more than 200 years, though its 200 years old but still loved by everyone.

This chocolate is attracting and tempts millions of people at every corner of the world to buy it from 1981.

Its main glory is, its mainly used to gift your friends, partner or any of the close person, this chocolate indicates the symbol of love to your beloved ones.

It acts as a perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversary etc. The inner part of chocolate, it’s purely of wafer chocolate with milk.

From the external look of chocolate, it’s the superior golden-alike yellow wrappers which attract everyone to purchase it.

Finally, who gets this chocolate in form of a gift can feel that love just by one bar of Ferrero Rocher.

2. Guylian

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

If you are choosy about the chocolates then this chocolate is the best one for you,

it has a unique flavor of rich chocolate which tempts every chocolate lover to choose this chocolate without thinking twice.

Guylian is the most applicable name because of its uniqueness, qualified, fascination and highly customized chocolate bars purchased precisely by the customers to the craftsmen who straightway make their work by hand.

This chocolate is originally from Belgium, Guylian chocolate is spread almost over more than 40 countries all over the world.

It comes in different images like seashell shape, and roasted hazelnut additives, etc.

Its one of the top-selling chocolates especially during special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Guylian was remarked as “the Best Chocolate Manufacturer with Eggs” in 2015.

3. Galaxy

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

This chocolate is owned by an essential part of “Mars”, for a particular instance, it’s mainly spread in African Middle East, the united states, and especially all around the UK. it was founded in 1986.

The main key reason for the success of this chocolate lays at its enjoyment coming out from slash milk and cocoa combined with fruity flavors.

4. Domingo Ghirardelli

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

This famous chocolate was created in 1852 by an Italian craftsman, Domingo Ghirardelli is considered to be one of the best quality chocolate brands all over the world for many years.

The inventor of Domingo Ghirardelli in a qualified manner mixed milk and cocoa, with some amount of sweet caramel and cool cream as the magic of chocolate.

These days, the brand is getting more popularity and fame because of its rich chocolate taste and even its being liked and owned by many of chocolate lovers worldwide.

This brand organizes a 2-day chocolate festival among the different celebrations of business each year.


Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Patchi is one of the most refreshing and exciting chocolate bars in the world. With the attractive packages from outer appearance, addition to it.

it consists of magic ingredients of flesh milk and premium cocoa, Patchi extracts “the best of the world” to every chocolate lover with rich tasty and watery feeling.

It is well-known for gifting as the best gifts for your loved ones, Patchi is a perfect amalgamation of originally Swiss and Belgian aroma.

Patchi can be indexed in the very best selling candy bars 2015.

6. Mars

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Mars is one of the most famous and preferred chocolate for many years. Its considered as the best chocolate brands worldwide with a chocolate making industry of about 100 years.

The yummy tempting taste addition to that lovely decorated boxes in its outer appearance makes Mars chocolate stays on top record for those who search for the sensible gifts for their beloved relatives and friends.

7. Toblerone

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Toblerone was begun as a lavish dessert for royalties in Switzerland, These days Toblerone frames itself as one of the most superior chocolate brands in the world.

There are millions of fans found all around the world for this chocolate brand who always appeal for the small typical prism made from almonds, honey, nougat and rich cocoa which are all perfectly blend together.

8. Cadbury

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Next on the top 10 best chocolate list is Cadbury with an approximate calculation of nearly 200-year history of creating the designs of chocolate.

Cadbury is ever more famous irrespective of any age and gender because the taste of this chocolate won’t consider any factor, its sweetness and attracting shape is enough for chocolate lovers to get this chocolate.

Anyone can consider Cadbury bag of chips as one of the best chocolate brands because of its rich chocolate test and simplicity worldwide.

9. Lindt & Sprungli

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

This is a perfect chocolate if you are looking around for a chocolate bar to present or surprise for your lovely kids and women.

Lindt & Sprungli has that uniqueness for which no doubt this will be the priority for giving the surprises for your beloved ones, this is a way of showering love.

Lindt and Sprungli chocolate take care of every minute thing to every major ingredient to make best of desserts once in the lifetime.

10. Kit-Kat

Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Kit Kat (or Kit Cat as its introductory name) was initially introduced to the people in 1935 with a brand icon of a finger-like wheat-and-milk bar.

The brand then carried out its success with a tremendous selection of varieties, such as hot chocolates, or wafers, mixed with flavors of caramel, honey, or fruits.

Worlds Best Top 10 Chocolate Brands:

Chocolate Brand Name

Ferrero Rocher






 Domingo Ghirardelli










Lindt & Sprungli



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