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Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

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There are many cigarette brands in the world, depending on different regions, but below list of Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World helps you to know which cigarette is to be preferred and is best:

1. Marlboro

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Marlboro is considered one of the top cigarette brand all over the world. It is recognized and renowned worldwide, Marlboro though was originated in the United States but this brand has marketing packs of cigarettes all over the globe, covering European countries, India, and many more countries.

  • It was known to be manufactured by Philip Morris, Marlboro is famed as the best-selling cigarette brand all over the world till date. Primarily merchandised as a feminine cigarette.
  • Marlboro has changed being feminine and now its also a masculine cigarette as well. Marlboro makes cigarettes in various combinations, menthol flavor, varied sizes, lights, ultra lights, and furthermore.
  • No matter what kind of smoker the person is he can never disagree with the fact that Marlboro is the top 1 cigarette brand all over the world and it is suitable for all type of smokers.

2. Davidoff

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Davidoff is originated from the Swiss, Davidoff brand of cigarettes is popularly famed as a luxury brand. It has to do with the limited tobacco used, its taste can never be competed with any other brands, it as such a classy taste.

  • This cigarette is available in four flavors such as classic, menthol, slims, and mild flavor. This is second best-selling cigarette brands all over the world.

3. Cigaronne

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Cigaronne was originated from Armenian brand of cigarettes. Cigaronne was endowed in the year 1999.

  • This is one of the brands compared to other brands on the list and it got name and fame in a shorter period of time.
  • This cigarette company size is quite unique compared to other cigarette brands, and its size is 120 mm long which makes it different from the standard size of a cigarette.
  • It not only is known for its elegant and pleasing taste but, the refreshing smell just adds to Cigaronne’s overall tempting to smokers.

4. Camel

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Camel is originally manufactured by RJ Reynolds Tobacco and it was originated in early 1913.

  • Camel is known to be such a brand which can be affordable easily by anyone and anywhere.
  • It is mainly famous and popularly known for its soothing taste, Camel is made with a blend of Virginian and Turkish tobacco amalgamation.
  • Since the brand cigarettes are easily affordable, its quality is not at all compromised, it has very high quality.
  • This has a different and various blends and flavors available to satisfy each and every cigarette smoker.

5. Newport

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Newport cigarette brand was originated in the world of cigarette brands in the year in late 1950’s. This is another American brand of cigarettes which was manufactured by RJ Reynold Tobacco.

  • Newport cigarettes are very much famous and the reason behind it is its unique menthol flavor, which has a pleasing menthol taste which can never beat any cigarettes in the world.
  • In the United States, Marlboro is the top one cigarette brand, Newport brand traces very close behind Marlboro.
  • As per the statistics, it is proven that approximately half of African American’s population who prefer to smoke cigarettes, their first choice will be Newport.
  • As per the customer’s reviews, there cannot be any menthol brand that can beat Newport brand all over the world.

6. Parliament

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Parliaments were originally introduced to the world of cigarettes in the year 1931.

  • Parliament belongs to the American brand and it is famous across many countries, and marketing across many countries all over the world such as including Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and South Korea, and so on.
  • Parliament cigarettes are famous worldwide because of one main reason, that is it contains less amount of tar content than any other cigarette brands. The conclusion is that this cigarette seems to cause fewer health issues compared to other cigarette brands which cause many health issues.

7. Kent

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

RJ Reynolds is the proud and gratified manufacturer of Kent cigarette branch which is another top ten brand of cigarettes. The brand name Kent is famed after Herbert Kent, who was the former owner of the Lorillard Tobacco Company.

Lorillard Tobacco Company was the primary owner of Kent Cigarettes brand who announced the brand in the year 1952.

8. Lucky Strike

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Lucky Strike is another brand which is listed under top 10 because of its uniqueness, the unique thing of this cigarette is that it contains lower nicotine content.

  • Due to this uniqueness of this brand, it became famous and popular with the ladies. Even Americans consider this brand as one of the masculine brands among other cigarettes.
  • It was originally announced to the public in 1871. This cigarette brand can be found to purchase anywhere throughout the world.

9. Pall Mall

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

This cigarette brand was initially Introduced in the year 1899, Pall Mall is popularly known as one of the best-selling and earliest cigarette brands all over the world.

Since this is one of the oldest brand its still leading all over the world and competing with other cigarette brands and this is one of the accomplishment for this cigarette brand.

This cigarette brand was introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

10. Chesterfield

Top 10 Cigarette Brands in World

Chesterfield is a brand of cigarettes that has to be listed on the Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands in the World. This cigarette brand was initially produced by Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company.

  • This brand is named after Chesterfield County in the state of Virginia situated in the United States. This tobacco brand is now owned by the famous and renowned corporation, Altria Group Inc.
  • Chesterfield is one of the cigarette brands that is based on both moral and work ethic.
  • One of the good thing about this cigarette is that it contains very less amount of nicotine and tar, this is one of the reasons that its always in top 10 lists of cigarette brands in the world and can never be faded with time.

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