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Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

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Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Below are The top 10 countries to visit in the world are listed:

#1. Denmark

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Denmark is one of the countries which has been always named as the happiest country in the world. Its always been mesmerized by people.

Denmark provides prosperity of complimentary public indulgences, such as health care and education, and it dignifies itself on its powerful sense of social life and community.

You can endeavor to visit the “Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables” manifestation to know more regarding hygge, or a cultural uplifting loosely described as feeling comfortable in the crew of friends and family concluded with a meal.

#2. Switzerland

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World
Switzerland is the world’s most jolly and lively country in the 2015 ratings, It is also known for being a fortunate country with lavish ski slopes and Switzerland is always famous and loved for the rich chocolate.

Switzerland’s thrilling outdoor spaces also sustain a healthy and vigorous life trends for its residents: The country treasures the least obesity rates in Europe. Discover and determine some of the fierce spaces in Switzerland by canyoning.

The other wildest things to try in Switzerland are kayaking and paragliding to explore and scrutinize the vast and beautiful view of the mountainous landscape.

#3. Iceland

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Iceland is such a country which always have astonished many people when it endured in the World Happiness Report’s top 10 following the 2008 economic inflation.

As per Helliwell, the recession or inflation “brought the communities closer together” and it was even helpful to motivate a new generation of tourism. Currently, Iceland Air endeavors lesser rates flights to Europe, along with prolonged delays in the capital city of Reykjavík.

Formerly in the country, tourists found inner market grounds and outdoor swimming pools in the capital city, along with it many well accessible national parks.

When you visit Switzerland, keep some time especially to take a ring road drive to observe the island’s volcanoes, beaches, and other outdoor features.

#4. Norway

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Norway is famous for its astonishing and mesmerizing landscapes, it is ranked as one of the best countries for its landscapes when you visit Norway take benefits of the outdoor spaces.

You can incline your tent at any place you would wish while hiking through Norway’s lavish fjords.

In the summer season, you can plan to climb Mount Skala, which is known to be one of the tallest high peak mountains in the country, for a thrilling and unforgettable view of geographical mountains and glaciers.

#5. Finland

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Power your woe and fears away in a cultural Finnish sauna, an admired custom throughout the entire nation.

Even though a population of just 5.2 million people, it is estimated that about 3.3 million saunas found throughout the entire country.

You can discover them besides the marginal of lake houses, office edifice, and alike Parliament.

#6. Canada

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Canada is rated as the second largest country in the world by its vast and expansive features in its entire area, expanding northward towards the Arctic Circle.

There is plenty avalanche to explore and discover in this vast and traditionally diverse country.

In some of the northwest areas along the former Trans-Canada Highway, travelers can understand and learn the art of glance amid winter’s dogsledding period.

If you desire two feet on the field, trek the inclines of the Canadian Rocky Mountains which is in Banff National Park or even it is found in Canada’s many national parks.

#7. The Netherlands

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

People who are living in the Netherlands have the records of having the maximum rates of physical activities compared to all other countries in the world.

The country takes dignity in its 20,000 miles of bicycle lanes for safe and secure travel, and Amsterdam which is the capital city of Netherlands known to be one of the ultimate bike-friendly metropolis in the world.

When you visit Netherlands, rent or hire a bicycle to try the country’s adopted way of transportation and you will surely experience some fun exercise while you are on a trip.

You can either sketch a plan for a bicycle trip all around Amsterdam independently or hire a local guide who knows better about the places around and can guide you in showing you around the city.

#8. New Zealand:

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

For almost about 800 years, the island part of New Zealand has always been engaged by humans.

You can discover and observe many awesome and thrilling sights when traveling from the Blue Mountains to the wild penguins on South Island, it spirits in this booming ecological paradise.

Currently, it has lower levels of pollution and is also considered as one of the most biodistinct islands in the world.

#9. Australia

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

As per area consideration, Australia is ranked as the sixth largest country in the world.

Comparatively, Australia has too lesser levels of pollution, higher levels of civic assurance, and stiff-knit locals.

The attractive Australian barbecue gathers everyone in sync. Tourists are always attracted by the beauty of the nature of Australia.

#10. Sweden

Top 10 Countries to Visit in World

Sweden has been maintaining the report of top happiness, which is one of five Nordic countries, promoting the higher levels of satisfaction and happiness discovered in this location of the world.

To sense and know what makes this country to be rated as the top happy country, all you need to do is just have a visit a coffee shop: Sweden is known for being one of the third highest coffee consumers or shopper in the world.

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