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Top 10 currencies in World

What are the top 10 Highest Currencies in the world

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Top 10 currencies in World

Each and every country has its own currency and each currency is unique for different countries. There are 180 countries in the world, similarly, there will be 180 currencies in the world. Each currency value differs depending on various factors of that particular country.

We can get currency calculator in which we can do conversions of currencies. It’s so interesting to know the list of currencies which are listed and rated under top 10 currencies. Below are the list of the top 10 currencies in the world:

1.Kuwaiti Dinar KWD:

Top 10 currencies in World

KWD currency is been rated and ranked as one of the top currency on the list since past many years. It is known to be most valued and costly currency in the world. KWD is accredited and authorized currency of Kuwait.

As per recent evaluation, 1 KWD equals 212.262 INR(Indian Rupees). In the world, Kuwait is known to hold the fourth highest income per capita and this income belongs to large massive reserve oils.

2.Bahraini Dinar BHD:

Top 10 currencies in World

In the Persian Gulf, Bahraini economy is known to be the first post-oil that is existing. The most of the income is obtained from financial services, banking services, and tourism. In the Arab world, the fastest ever growing economy was Bahrain and this record if of 2006.

The profit of the dinar has got advantage from this stable, varied economy. As per recent evaluation, 1 BHD equals to 170.63 INR(Indian Rupees).BHD currency is used only by Bahrain country.

3.Omani Rial OMR:

Top 10 currencies in World

OMR currency is used only by the Oman country. Oman’s largest income belongs to influential oil and gas industries. Oman’s currency OMR is known to be very stable currency. 1 Omani Rial equals to 167.16 INR(Indian Rupees).

4.Jordanian Dinar JOD:

Top 10 currencies in World

JOD is the currency which is utilized by Jordan country. JOD and the Israeli shekel is been used by West Bank. 1 JOD is approximate equaled 90.93 INR(Indian Rupees).

5.Great Britain Pound –GBP:

Top 10 currencies in World

One of the world’s most frequently and regularly traded currency is GBP(Great Britain Pound). 1 Great Britain pound approximately equals to 84.238 INR(Indian Rupees).

As per the records, GBP is one of the oldest currency compared to other currencies and the good thing is that it is still in use.

It is a matter of pride and honor of Britain having such an old and yet still in use currency for trading. The age of this currency can be estimated when we trace back to Anglo-Saxon Britain, which helps to know that this currency is existing for 1200 years.

6.Gibraltar Pound GIP:

Top 10 currencies in World


GIP is the currency used by Gibraltar country.When it comes to exchangeable with British pounds, Gibraltar pound is found to be faster and secured currency at par value.

The government of Gibraltar is the central bank which is responsible for maintaining the originality and printing of notes. This central bank takes care of GIP currency. 1 GIP currency worth equals 84.238 INR(Indian Rupees).

7.Caymanian Dollar KYD:

Top 10 currencies in World


The KYD currency is currency utilized by the Cayman Islands. As per records, at present KYD is rated as the 7th-highest-cost currency value in the world, and this record is of 15 July 2017. 1 KYD worth is equals to 78.438  INR(Indian Rupees).

8.Euro Eur:

Top 10 currencies in World

Eur is the currency which is utilized by Europe and it is for sure one of the enormous currencies on this list. Total 26 countries of the European centralization make use of the euro currency including Austria, France, Germany, and Italy. 1 Euro worth equals 73.74 INR(Indian Rupees).

9.Swiss Franc CHF:

Top 10 currencies in World


CHF currency is used by Switzerland. This currency makes use of varied colors in the banknotes, such as yellow, red, green, blue, brown, and purple. CHF is an official currency used by Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Campione d’-Italia.

The income of the Swiss franc currency is approximately a no-brainer. It is known that one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world is none other than Switzerland.

For the huge and massive technology, Switzerland has been a home for these sectors. It is also been home for a host of varied important sectors like Swatch Group and Nestle. 1 CHF currency is worth equals to 66.70  INR(Indian Rupees).

10. United States Dollar USD:

Top 10 currencies in World


USD is the currency for United States union. It is astonishing to know that USD currency is rated at the bottom of the list as we know that USD is one of the most traded currency in the world.

Over the past few years, though the USD value has been reduced to lesser amount the strength and the power which it holds in trading hasn’t reduced. 1 USD currency is worth equals to 64.31 INR (Indian Rupees).

Many assume that USD currency is the most costlier currency in the world (Asian ) which is owned by the US as a super powerful nation.

Top 10 highest Currency money countries in the world 

Rank Country Name Currency Name


 Dinar KWD



 Bahraini Dinar BHD



Omani Rial OMR



Jordanian Dinar JOD


Great Britain

 Great Britain Pound –GBP



Gibraltar Pound GIP


 Cayman Islands

Caymanian Dollar KYD



Euro Eur



Swiss Franc CHF


United States

United States Dollar USD


The above list of top 10 currencies in the world will help you to be updated with the knowledge regarding currencies. Stay tuned for more updates!

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