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Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

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#1. Gajar halwa


Gajar halwa also known as carrot halwa is the top favorite dessert of Indians. Made with grated fresh carrots, milk, ghee, sugar or milkmaid and lots and lots of dry fruits along with it, carrot halwa has made it to the top of the list. It can be served either hot or cold.

#2. Gulab Jamoon

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

Gulab Jamoon is a popular Indian dessert. These are deep fried dumplings dipped in sugar syrup with additional flavours. The dumplings are made of khoya(mawa) and flour and after these are deep fried, they are dipped in sugar syrup. The jamoons can be served hot as well as cold with almonds and pista garnished with it.

#3. Kheer

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

Kheer in India is also called as Payasam or Payasa. Kheer is made up of rice, milk, sugar, cardamom, saffron. Kheer can also be prepared using vermicelli(semiya) instead of rice and that will be called Semiya kheer. The dry fruits such as cashew, raisins, almonds and pista added to kheer give a great taste to the whole dessert. Kheer is maily prepared during festivals but people love it so much that they do not want any reason to prepare kheer at their homes.

#4. Jalebi

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

iCrispy, crunchy and juicy jalebi are made by deep-frying maida flour batter in circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. Jalebi has a chewy texture with sugary coating on the outer side. Sometimes rose water is added to the sugar syrup and served hot as well as cold. Hot Jalebi tastes best with curd or rabri.

#5. Rasgulla

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

This Bengali sweet is a favorite of so many Indians. Soft, spongy and juicy milk balls soaked in sugar syrup is definitely a great treat to your taste buds. The origin of this sweet is still a debate between Bengal and Oddisha. Similar to rasgulla is rasmalai which will have flavored milk with lot of dry fruits loaded into it.

#6. Kaju Katli

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

If you are fond of cashews then kaju katli is the dessert you will fight for. Smooth, thin slices of cashew and sugar are pure goodness. Kaju katli is one of the costlier sweets in India. Kaju katli is not commonly prepared at home but are sold at all the sweet shops in India.

#7. Motichoor Laddu

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

These are made from gram flour also called as besan. These are melt in the mouth sweet balls. Besan batter is deep fried in oil and then soaked in sweet sugar syrup and then tied into balls. Laddu made in pure ghee takes you into a different world.

#8. Malpua

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

Malpua is a traditional North Indian dessert. It is a soft and crispy pancake coated with sugar syrup served with thick sweetened milk or rabri.

#9. Sooji halwa

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

Halwa is an Indian classic dessert served as a part of breakfast also. It is also known as rava sheera in southern parts of India. It is a semolina pudding made with rava(sooji) which will be lightly roasted first in a little ghee, sugar and lots of dry fruits sautéed in ghee.

#10. Shahi Tukra

Top 10 Favourite Indian Desserts

Shahi tukra from the name itself is a royal Mughlai dessert made of bread fried and soaked in sweet scented sugar syrup. It is served with rabri and garnished with lots of dry fruits. This is for sure a royal treat to your taste buds.

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