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Top 10 Handsome Men in World

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Below are the list of Top 10 Handsome Men in World who are pretty famous and recognized by each and everyone worldwide :

1.Tom Cruise

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: July 3rd, 1962

Tom Cruise is the most graceful man, initially having the birth name as Thomas Cruise Mapother1V. He is presently put up in Hollywood as an actor and a producer.

He began his career at a very young age of 19 years, where he enacted a role in the movie naming “Endless Love” released in the year 1981.

Considering from then on he starred in movies like “Top Gun (1986), “World of Wars” (2005) etc. Cruise has had three wedding bliss with Mimi Rodgers (1987-1990), Nicole Kidman (1990-2001), Katie Holmes (2006-2012). His most recent movie is “The Mummy”.

2. Robert Pattinson

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: 1986

Robert Pattinson popularly known as “Edward Cullen” from Twilight by all teenagers started his modeling career at the age of 19 itself. He was also a part of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.

From a very young age, he has always been interested in the film industry and initially worked in Barnes Theatre Company where he has been noticed by an agent.

Pattinson has also been a musician and two of his songs “Never Think” and “Let me Sign” was a part of Twilight soundtrack.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: January 10th, 1974

Hrithik is one of the most popular Bollywood actors, from the past 17 years he has been entertaining his fans. He started his career in 2000’s with the film “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai”.

He won his first Filmfare award for “Koi Mil Gaya” in 2003. He has a great talent in the field of dance and known for his everlasting looks and body maintenance.

His latest movie is highly foreseen Kaabil where he plays a role of a visually challenged man.

4. Godfrey Gao

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: September 22, 1984

Godfrey Gao was born in Taipei, Taiwan, his first name being Tsao Chih-Hsiang. He is well-known and admirable Canadian actor and model, starred in both films and TV shows.

Gao started as a fashion model in 2004, acknowledged to be the first Asian male to model Louis Vuitton. His first role was as “X” in the 2003 film and enacted in many more movies then and now.

5. Lee Min Ho

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: June 22, 1987

South Korea is the leading country known for its best Kdramas. The leading male actor and musician in these dramas is none other than Lee Min Ho.

He was born in a charming city of Seoul. He initially ended up doing minor roles in the drama until he gave his debut in 2003’s “Secret Campus”.

He became popular with his role as Gu Jun-Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers”, finally gave him international recognition and worth in the film industry. He is currently working on 2006’s fairy-tale romance, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”.

6. Noah Mills

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: 1983, Toronto

Noah Mills was named as the model of the week by, which gave a pathway to his career. Since then on he was seen in television series, 2 Broke Girls and also in Taylor Swift’s music video.

He is been into acting as well as modeling currently.

7. Chris Evans

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: June 13, 1981

Chris Evans started his career in school theatrical productions and some community theatre as well. Evan was given recognition in his television show in 2000, “Opposite Sex” and left his mark in films like “Street Kings”, “Before We Go”. Right now he has been enacting as Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

8. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: September 13, 1990

Omar, from Dubai, kick-started his career as a model, photographer as well as an actor. He achieved fame by being dismissed from Saudi Arabia for being too elegant and stealing young hearts by his adorable looks.

Later he went on to finish his studies in Vancouver, Canada where he completed his acting course and continued with modeling.

9. Mahesh Babu

Top 10 Handsome Men in World

DOB: August 9, 1975

The most handsome actor from South India, Mahesh Babu is known for his looks and acting skills in Telugu industry. He is an actor, producer, philanthropist and owns and operates the production house G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment.

He has acted in various films and been awarded for his work, like International Indian Film Academy Awards and so on.

10. Brad Pitt

Top 10 Handsome Men in World


DOB: December 18, 1963

Brad Pitt has his own company, Plan B Entertainment whereas he is an actor, producer and a philanthropist. He is an accomplished actor and has done various films like “Fights Club”, “Ocean 11” etc. He trusts in being a good global citizen and a humanity at its peak.

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