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Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

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Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

#1. Chole Bhature

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Delhi offers a variety of street side food and food stalls. Chole bhature is one among them. It is a Punjabi dish with its popularity in many urban cities of India.

Delhi will host you with the best chole bhature, which can be taken for breakfast as well as enjoyed as an evening snack. Another famous food in the streets of Delhi are rajma chawal, and all kinds of parathas and chat items.


#2.  Vada Pav

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Mumbai’s originated Vada Pav is the Indian version of a burger and is the most popular roadside food not only in Maharashtra, in all other various cities of India.

Vada Pav consists of a deep fried potato tikka or dumpling that will be called the vada, will be sandwiched between a bun. Vada Pav tastes best with red chutney or green pudina chutney and enjoyed with lightly fried green chilies. Similar to this are misal pav and pav bhaji.


#3. Kachori

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

The royal state of India, Bikaner in Rajasthan is very famous for its variety of cuisines and delicious street foods. Bikaneri kachori and Mirchi vada is the most favorite street food locally and found almost everywhere in Rajasthan’s street shop or food stall. Rajasthan’s dal-baati-churma, pakoras, and mawa are equally famous.


#4. Mirchi Bajji

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Mirchi bajji is a very famous snack both as a street food as well as a home-made evening snack everybody demand for. Bajjis are prepared everywhere in India with a little twist.

Hyderabadi style stuffed Mirchi bajji is the most famous one. Stuffed green chilies dipped in besan batter and deep fried in oil and a crispy, spicy, tasty bajjis are ready to treat your tummy. Replacing green chili with various veggies like onion, banana, spinach is also very delicious.

#5. Kolkatta Katti Rolls

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Kolkatta Katti rolls are not only found in Kolkatta but also in other cities, apart from sweets, egg rolls are popular among all the street foods in Kolkata.

A fried egg omelet wrapped in paratha or roti is served with red or green chutney or dipping sauce in many roadside stalls. Along with Katti rolls, golgappa also known as puchka is famous in Kolkatta.


#6. Aloo Tikki

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Lucknow’s most famous snack is aloo tikki. Aloo Tikki is one of the most famous street food of Uttar Pradesh. Aloo Tikki is made of boiled potatoes and along with it, some coriander and spices are added and shallow fried in oil. It tastes best with red sauce or green chutney.

The name of the dish various from places to places, like it is called ragda patties in Mumbai, Aloo chat, ragda etc, Galauti kabab is yet another street food of Lucknow which is the most famous food in the streets of Lucknow. Other dishes such as bhel, Sev Puri, paani puri and dahi puri and also puri sabzi are famous street foods in Lucknow.


#7. Litti Choka

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Litti Choka is Patna’s most famous dish and the most desired food for the people in Bihar and Jharkhand. It looks similar to Rajasthan’s dal batti but it greatly differs in the recipe as well as the taste. Bihar’s traditional dish is made out of sattu, grinded chana served with chokha which is prepared using pure ghee with potato, brinjal, and tomato. Litti Chokha is served as breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner too.


#8. Akki Rotti

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Bangalore state’s specialty is akki roti, it is rice flour spicy bread served with coconut chutney. This delicious akki roti is one of the most popular tiffin snacks. It is quick to make and tastes yummy.

It’s best when served hot. It is very healthy as well. Apart from akki rotti, there is are huge varieties of dosa served in Bangalore along with other famous dishes such as sambar, rasam, and curd rice.


#9. Poha-Jalebi

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

The biggest city in India and also the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore serves a wide range of chaats, samosa, namkeens, and lassi.

Poha-Jalebi combination is one of the best street food served here. Poha is a famous breakfast dish prepared in many states of India but Indore treats you with the best combination of poha and jalebi and is known to be one of the rarest combinations. 


#10. Idly Sambar

Top 10 Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

When it comes about the South-Indian breakfast dishes, the only thing that comes to your mind is idly-sambar. It is the most favorite south Indian dish and is served along with various chutney and sambar.

Chutney is usually coconut chutney or tomato chutney and sambhar which is very famous and it tastes so good with idlis and vadas is made along with tamarind and pigeon peas.


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