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Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

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Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe


    Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Ask any Indian specifically a person residing in Mumbai about the most favorite and delicious snack of the city, you will definitely get here the name of Vada-Pav.

A vada pav is a very simple dish: it is just a spiced, deep-fried potato patty sandwiched in a bun with green pudina chutney and coriander.


Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Chuanr is originated in Xinjiang region of China. It is a Chinese snack are essentially kebabs of lamb that are marinated in cumin seeds and chili flakes, coated with sesame oil sometimes, finally grilled over coals. It is a popular street snack in the country.



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Belgian fries are nothing but the French fries, these potato fries hot out of the fryer, dipped in mayonnaise or tomato or any other sauces is a globally famous snack.

The Belgians are very proud of their fried potatoes, these are a rare snack that goes well anytime in the day.



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Sai Krog is usually very famous throughout the Isaan region of northern Thailand. These are also found in some places in Bangkok. Sai Krog is a spicy, fermented local sausages sizzling on a grill. These are usually served in a plastic bag.

These are perfect for sticky rice or hunks of fresh cabbage. The hot and sour combo is perfect for a steamy Thai lunch.



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Cheese rolls are not so known globally. But this snack has still held its position on the top 10 list. However in places such as Dunedin and Invercargill bakeries and cafes serve these cheese rolls: these are nothing but slices of bread coated in a mixture of grated cheese, evaporated milk and onion soup mix, rolled up and grilled to treat your taste buds!



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Choripan is a grilled chorizo that is cut in two and served on a crispy roll with chimichurri and other sauces.

Choripan vendors can be spotted anywhere just outside every sporting stadium in Argentina, as well as any marketplaces. Choripan is a favorite of many.



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

Pizza in New York is always better than any hot dog there. Just imagine yourself having one of those big slices of delicacy in your hand and each bite of it is oozing with mozzarella, tangy tomato sauce, and pepperoni in your mouth. The imagination is itself so heavenly!


Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

The residents of Osaka will line up for hours to get to their favorite purveyor of takoyaki, a spherical snack made of fried batter and chunks of octopus, topped with kewpie mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, and bonito flakes.

Piping hot takoyaki is a sought-after delicacy throughout the country, but the Kansai region remains the original and best place to try it.



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe


Rome has some surprisingly street snacks. suppli is one among that delicious snack. Somewhat similar to arancini, suppli is a deep-fried risotto ball, the Roman way here is to mix tomato sugo with rice and then mozzarella stuffed in the middle. The receipe itself sounds so yummmm!



Top 10 Snacks Around The Globe

When are you on the streets of La Paz, hungry? You can find one best place to treat your tummy, the nearest saltenas sellers. Saltenas are triangular pocket pastry filled with spiced hamburger, although the filling is much soupier, the best way to eat a Saltena is to take a bite at the end and then drink the soup before eating of the rest of Saltena.

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