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Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

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Spices don’t just add tastes to the food, they are good for health too. Spices have a various health benefits, these are high in antioxidants, having anti-inflammatory properties and they can even help you in reducing body weight. Here is a list of top 10 spices that is beneficial for your health.

#1. Turmeric

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Curcumin in turmeric is an antioxidant that will help you reduce the risk of heart failure and also stops the growth of cancer cells. It is also an absurd anti-inflammatory which is good for people having long term chronic pain.

#2. Ginger

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Ginger is another anti-inflammatory similar to turmeric. It is used for soothing troubled stomach. Ginger is full of antioxidants. It is also worth buying fresh ginger root and adding that to your morning tea or even in the evening; which will make you feel relaxed and acts as a stress buster.

#3. Cardamom

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

It is a well-known and commonly used in Indian cooking, and is the favorite spice for baking dishes. Cardamom has limonene, a chemical will increase the antioxidant activity. It has also helps in lowering blood pressure and improves digestion.

 #4. Cinnamon

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Cinnamon mainly acts to balance blood sugar levels in the body. According to an experiment conducted, People who intake cinnamon have relatively lower sugar levels. Cinnamon is helpful for dealing with the type 2 Diabetes. Cinnamon works well in savoury dishes as well as sweet dishes, there is no limit to its uses.

#5. Garlic

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Garlic is yet another spice to lower your blood pressure level, it also brings down the cholesterol level and helps cure allergies. It is also helpful in destroying the cancer cells, they can even provide preventative benefits for cancer.

#6. Coriander

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Coriander is the spice that comes from grinding the seeds of coriander plant. Coriander seeds have been used since ages to ease the digestion, it also lessens the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It is mostly a favourite pick for garnishing all the kind of dishes.

#7. Chile Pepper

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Capsaicin is the reason that basically makes a chile taste hot and spicy. It is actually good for your health. Chile inhibits the bacterial growth, helps in boosting your metabolism, which will help you reduce your weight, it energise you and prevents skin allergies. It protects your body against the cholesterol growth.

#8. Fennel

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Fennel will definitely help all the girls out there are weighed down by the menstrual cramps every month. Fennel can help reduce those cramps. For best results, use powdered fennel seeds with tea. Fennel seed flavour are also good in salad(fruit salad) and it enhances the taste of grilled meats and various seafood.

 #9. Parsley

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Parsley usually used for garnishing, is actually a very rich spice. Researches found that parsley actually inhibits growth of breast cancer cells. Parsley is rich in C, B12, A and K vitamins, which means it strengthens your immune system.  Adding parsley, enhances the taste of soups and fruits.

 #10. Cloves

Top 10 Spices For A Better Health

Cloves are spices  which are rich in antioxidant properties, these are used in traditional medicines since many years. The essential oils in this spice can fight bacteria, fungus and yeast. It also strengthen your gums and teeth hence used as one of the ingredients in toothpaste. It also reduces cough.

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