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Top 10 Websites in the world

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Top 10 website in The World

  1. Google

Google is in top in our top 10 website in the world countdown.

Google is a American multinational company, Goolge provides internet related service, Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. google founded in 4 September 1998 in Manlo park by lerry page and Sergay brin both were the Ph.D student in Stanford University, Google’s headquarter is located in Googleplex, California.. The current CEO of Google is Mr. Sunder pichai.Acording to Google’s total revenue was 109.65 US dollar.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is in 2nd in our top 10 website in the world countdown.

YouTube is video Hosting site founded by  three former employee of PayPal, Steve chan, Chad hurley and by Jawed karim in 14 Febuary 2005, now YouTube is the subsidiary of Alphabet inc. YouTube allow there user  upload, like comment and shear there videos from YouTube to another site. YouTube’s Headquater is located in 901 Cheery avenue san Bruno California USA. YouTube’s projected revenue  for 2018 to reach 3.96 billion USD approx.

  1. Facebook

Facebook holding 3rd  position in our top 10 website in the world countdown.

Facebook need no description because of it’s legacy in a very short time, almost Every countries people are very use to with Facebook which gives us space live in a virtual word where we can shear our Photos, videos and now it is not only photo  or video shearing platform but also one of the best marketing plate-form for many of thing.  Facebook created by the mark Zuckerburg along with Harverd college student room-mates in 4 February 2004 Facebook Headquarter located in Manlo park, California, USA. FACEBOOK’S total revenue was 40.653 Billion USD in 2017


Baidu is in 4th place in our top 10 website in the world countdown.This the 4rt most Search website on internet,Baidu is a chinese multinational technology company founded in 1 January 2000 by robin ji and Eric xu, baidu provides internet related services and artificial intelligent. The Headquarter of Baidu is in Baidu campus, Beijing China. Baidu’s  total Revenue is CNY 84.809 billion.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is in 5th position our top 10 website in the world countdown.This is a free encyclopedia , this was Created by Jimmy wales & Lerry sanger. This website was launched 15 January 2001, this website is available in 301 languages , it is owned by Wikipedia foundation which is a non- profitable organization,


Reddit is in 6th position in our top 10 website in the world is the 6th most search website in internet, was created by Student of university of Viirginia Roomates,  steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, Basically this website is a social new aggregation, web content rating and discussion website, in Registered members submit content to the site  such as Links, posts and images which are than voted up or down by members.


Yahoo is in 7th position in our top 10 website in the world countdown.Yahoo is a web service provider portal which has got 7th position in our Worlds top 10 website countdown , Yahoo was created by jerry yang and devid filo in January 1994 , according to to Alexa and similar Web analytics provider yahoo was the highest Read News and media website with over 7 billion view per month, being site most visited website Globally in 2016.


Qq is in 8th position in our top 10 website in the world countdown. Tencent Holding limited developed  which offers instatnt massaging service and other service also like online social game, music, micro-blogging, movies and group chat software. At the end of the 2016 this site has 899 million active accounts.

  1. is in 9th position in our our top 10 website in the world countdown.This is the India version of Google. offers Hindi, Marathi , Tamil, Telugu Etc Indian language. Estimated daily time on site per visitor 6.40 minute, Estimated page search by per visitor is 9.22 minute.



Taobao holds last position in our our top 10 website in the world countdown.This was founded in may 2003, Taobao is the Chinese online shopping website it is the subsidiary of Alibaba  Group, Taobao is one of the biggest online shopping website also ranked 10 most search web in the world . according to Alexa,Taobao has 580 million active users.


Source: Alexa

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