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Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits

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Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Below is the list of Top 10 Best Fruits In India

  1. Nagpur- The Orange City

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

The other name for Nagpur is Oranges. Nagpur is the highest agriculturist of oranges when compared to other Indian cities. This fruit is cultivated across 20,965 hectares of land. Oranges come in two seasons namely Ambiya and Mrig, where Mrig is the sweetest.

2. Mahabaleshwar-Strawberry

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Mahabaleshwar, a renowned hill station also known as “The Capital Of Strawberries”, is blessed with numerous strawberry farm in there. Tourists are allowed to visit these farms and have a look how this fruit is being cultivated. During May or June, strawberries start to ripen.

  3.Ratnagiri- Alphonso Mangoes

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Ratnagiri is known for Hapus mangoes. It is one of the most expensive mangoes. The type of soil present in Ratnagiri is the main reason for this mango to be grown in such incredible manner.Its sweetness can never be compared to any kind of sweet in the world.

  4. Nashik- Grapes

Top 10 Best Fruits In India

Most of the Gape vineyard is found in this place. The weather conditions of Nashik is preferable for growing grapes. Grapes without seeds grown in Nashik are well-known all over the world.

  5. Siliguri- Pineapples

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Siliguri is located in the plains at the ground of Himalayan Mountains. It is also called as the “Second Kolkata of West Bengal”. It is the most ancient area where pineapples are grown. Bhidannagar, 45 kilometers away from Siliguri is known for pineapples. This fruit is famous all over India, apart from that it is being exported to Nepal and Bhutan.

  6. Jalgaon- Bananas

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Jalgaon district, in North Maharashtra, has earned the standing as “Banana Capital of India”. This place supplies 16% of bananas of total Indian production. It has about 48000 hectares of land for banana cultivation.

   7. Dahanu Bordi- Chiku

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Dahanu Bordi, 145 km away from Mumbai has a great number of Chiku farms and their numerous farmers working from a long span of time. A visit to this place is a chance to view this beautiful nature.

   8. Goa- Cashew Nuts

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

At the appropriate season, in Goa, there comes the fragrance and sweetness of ripening cashew nuts. Goa’s cashew is a little expensive due to their greatness in quality. Dry fruit occupation is the second largest in Goa.

  9. Kotgarh- Apples

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

When it comes to apples it is always Shimla that comes into our mind. Kotgarh, a place near Shimla is known for apple cultivation. The land used for this is located 82km away from Shimla. This apple transformation in Himachal made an entry to an American missionary to plant the first seeds.

   10. Allahabad- Guava

Top 10 Most Popular Fruits In India

Allahabad, the city of Triveni Sangam has a high demand for guavas. Allahabad Safeda and Surkha are the famous king of guavas being cultivated due to their taste, shape, and sweetness.

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