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Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

Having Highest and Advanced Technology

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Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

Technology is growing so fast these days, so many new inventions and developments are been made just by a blink of an eye.

Every country tries to occupy the position in world-class technology inventions, it depends on the number of inventions or developments contributed per country.

Technology these days have grown so fast that with help of technology anything is possible these days. Few countries are underdeveloped and they don’t even know the technological inventions worldwide. Below is the list of Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology :

1. Japan

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology


The first in the list is no doubt, its Japan. Japan is known to be the most advanced country in terms of technology compared to all other countries worldwide, the reason is this is the sole country that always is indulged in inventing new inventions and suming up to the technological inventions.

Japan is one of the most leading countries in terms of technology compared to all other countries all over the world.

As per the news, almost all the biggest and amazing inventions are from Japan country itself.

Previously it has invented a geographical elevator that can help you for transporting from one floor to another floor by the just single blink of an eye.

This is surely one of the most amazing invention contributed by Japan. The inventions by Japan for sure made, human life easy and convenient worldwide.

Another interesting invention contributed by Japan is Laser gun, hence their unique and amazing inventions made them most developing and technology advanced country worldwide.

2. Finland

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

Finland is the second top country on the list for technology advancement. This country tops almost every sector such as the economy, health, politics and the technology.

The reason behind being the top in the list is their goal or race of taking the country first in the race of Advanced technology inventions by launching high technological projects.

The per capita revenue of Finland is much higher than any other European countries which clearly depicts that it has a high mass of advancement in terms of technology.

3. United States Of America

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

USA is third on the list as it is famous homage for few of the great innovative and technology companies such as Intel, AMT, Dell, and Google.

These companies are the top leading all over the world because of their technological innovations, hence this proves that the USA has a wide range of new technology innovations.

It is considered as one of the fastest growing countries than any other in all fields and mainly in the technology sector.

This country is famous for its finest intelligent system development all over the world, and the credit of this goes to its technological equipment obviously.

This country is also advanced in the field of space technology, as the first person to land on the moon was an American.

4. South Korea

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

South Korea is fourth in the list of technology advancement, it is yet another country that has done an exceptionally amazing contribution in the field of science and technology.

Korea is ranked because of its high-end technology advancements, especially in the field of wide production of highly advanced Robots, Air Conditioners, Trains, computers, televisions, cars, helicopters, and planes.

Another interesting fact of this country in terms of technology is its famous for the highest speed of internet all over the world.

The Samsung company is Korean has already conquered Japanese competitor and now in terms of auto industry, it is awaiting to conquer Japan also in upcoming years.

5. Germany

Germany is fifth in the list of advanced technology, for its unique inventions. Si

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

nice from world war times, Germany has been popular for bringing forth the best of army and military tanks and shadows its technological advancements in the year 1900.

Germany is mainly popular as one of the best-advanced countries because of its rapid expansion in various technological fields.

They have eminent high-tech impact infrastructure and architectural plans it would be a spectator at the Berlin stadium. The stadium is highly massive and most narrative in the history.

6. India

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

India is sixth in the list of technology advancements, almost all the new software technology inventions are from India. The advice which is necessary for silicon valley is sought from India.

The main reason behind India’s advancement is that the first university which teaches almost all of the technological sciences are present in India.

Sanskrit was recognized as one of the most useful languages for the computer system, and NASA is planning to use the Sanskrit language.

India is a land full of natural resources which are extracted for the cause of many positive advancements and mainly contributing to technological advancements.

7. England

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

England is ranked as seventh in the list of technology advancements and it is still considered as the third best producer of the scientific papers.

Many of the famous and popular scientists were originally from England.

England is considered as a very high technological advanced country because of many inventions by the popular scientists who are from England.

England is the high tech at the consumer equivalent at par with the USA. The citizens of British all of them have access to the high technologies.

The specialty of England technology is it’s from consumer strategy to military level.

8. Canada

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

Canada is ranked as eighth in the list of advanced technology country, it is the home of technologists. The first invention of the light bulb was made by a Canadian and his name is Henry Woodward.

The Canadian government is working with focus and target to advance the country’s technology such as progressing communication technology, advancing health innovations, improving the space technology, etc.

Other than this it is operating research in leading theoretical physics, advancing quantum computing, and bridging researchers coast to coast for higher and quality speed optic cables.

9. China

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

China is ranked as ninth in the list of advanced technology, though it cant be considered as the king of technology yet still it is known as one of the highly developed countries in the world because of it’s evolving process with frequent advancements.

This country no doubt has amazed the world with high-end advancements it has done, which helps to assume and believe that country is probably going to be a top technological advanced country in upcoming 10 to 20 years.

This is developing a lot of steel to make highly-advanced weapons with more aiming potential.

10. Israel

Top 10 Countries Having Highest and Advanced Technology

Israel is ranked as tenth in the list of technology advancement, Israel’s private industry is very accomplished. It manufactures the highly advanced weapons in the world.

Israel is also in process of doing amazing miracles in the agriculture industry.

It has manufactured the products that increase and promotes the crop’s growth with half of the delegation method. Israel has obtained the maximum percentage of home computers all over the world.

This also is known to have the maximum number of scientists and technicians in the workforce. Israel people are the sole reason behind developers of silicon chips and flash drive.

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