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Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

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One of the most memorable moment any one’s life is their wedding. What can be more beautiful getting hitched together in a magical place. Having fun with friends and family as well in an exotic experience, something like beach or a place. It is a time when all come together to greet the couple. A time where you can have the best moments with her/him, getting pretty and candid clicks of each other. What can you wish for more, chose the best and perfect place which will leave up to all your wedding expectations. 

Looking for places in India? No worries! Here are top 10 wedding destinations in India that would leave you love-struck and feel like coming here again and again.

1.       Udaipur- “An Emblem of Dignified Pre-Eminence”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

A dream of having a romantic and a pleasant wedding can come true in the City of lakes. Udaipur, the most loving and dazzling place in Rajasthan is just the best for traditional Indian wedding and is well-known for Indian wedding destinations. This beautiful city has glorious palace buildings that are designed in present fashionable style. Hence one can choose fort places like Devi Garh, Manek Chowk, Oberoi Udaivilas and many more.

2.       Jaipur- “The Canning place of Supremacy”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Jaipur, known as the pink city is very popular destination for wedding. Offering a great fashion and grace, it is well-known for its lavish wedding ceremony that always happens in palaces and mansions. The city itself exhibits a complete combo of joyful ideas and venue options that takes place from palaces like Raj palace, Gold palace and Samode palace. This place has not only been an attraction for Indians but Hollywood celebs as well.

3.       Kerala- “Tie the Knot in the breeze of quietness”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Gods own country- as it is predominantly know is one of the best destinations for a beautiful wedding. You get lot of places like Varkala or Kovalam, in the midst of straggling tea gardens of Munnar, Heritage building of Kochi Fort and so on.

4.       Andaman and Nicobar Islands- “Sensational alluring and sheltered

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

A dream of having a delightful and romantic wedding can come true and Andaman and Nicobar islands is the perfect destination for the same. The relaxing and polite weather in the island is the best for a dreamy and a fairy-tale wedding. The coconut palms along the seashore, Ross or the Havelock Island is just what you want.

5.       Shimla- “A classic atmosphere to travel through the wedding bliss”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Shimla is popularly known for its snowy hills, pleasant weather, cozy breeze and a romantic getaway for any wedding to happen. This place is an addictive pill for people who want their wedding to happen in the midst of mountains and Himalayas. Since there are loads of resorts in Shimla it is preferable to hire a wedding planner who make the best of your day in this evergreen place.

6.       Jodhpur- “Submerge in the Sovereignty”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Everyone had a dream of having their auspicious day to be a memorable and the best one. It provides amenity, elegance and charming atmosphere. There are certain breathe-taking places and historical palaces to have a royal wedding. Mehrangarh  Garh is one of the best gateway to have a wonderful bliss and Umaid Bhawan is also not a bad option.

7.       Neemrana Fort- “An ideal place to rejoice the elegance of the seven vows”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Located nearby Gurgaon, this antique fort is a perfect location for photography because of its evergreen architecture and the aww effect that many places don’t provide. The ceremony happening here would leave the bride and groom with loads of memorable moments to be cherished.

8.       Goa- “Wedding bells in charismatic locality”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

It is always said that marriage’s made in heaven, and having this most special moment happening in beaches in Goa can bring heaven down. The fairy-tale wedding coming true in the backdrop of beaches that are defined by the bright blue water. There are several places in Goa to get hitched such as glistering beaches, palm trees, the kind waves of Arabian Sea and so on. Park Hyatt Goa, Taj, Leela and Radisson resorts are also very much preferable for weddings.

9.       Agra- “The wonderland of love”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

Agra always comes into picture when people talk about Taj Mahal- “The symbol of love”. What can be more perfect of getting hitched here, somewhere above the heaven. The couple can be the Mumtaz and Shah Jahan of Agra. There are many hotels, resorts also to give a royal look to your wedding ceremony.

10.   Rishikesh- “A majestic and historic wedding”

Top 10 Most Memorable Wedding Destinations In India

It is a spiritual place which brings the devotees together and weddings are also planned in a soothing manner. One of the most famous hotels is “The Hotel Ganga Kinare”, it is a very lovely place to have a wedding photo shoot and give life to a new start. Traditional weddings also happen below the clear sky in the mountains.

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