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Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Top 10 Programming Languages

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Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Every computer software geek loves programming, writing unique codes, and getting the outputs. There are many programming languages developed all over the world, it depends on the accuracy of the output produced by the preferred programming language.

Few programming languages have the bulk of codes to be written and few programming languages have shorter codes, all it depends on the syntax of the particular programming language. Every programming language has its own syntax and semantics.

It depends on the coder, what kind of programming language they choose for the software.

Every programming language has its own set of guidelines to write the code, once you know the guidelines then you can produce the software without any single error.

It is necessary to know which programming languages you should be known in order to get desired software. There are many programming languages available all over the world, you may be confused, which programming language should be selected and coded. Below is the list of Top 10 Programming Languages on Demand :

1. SQL

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

SQL(Standard Query Language) is one of the top preferred on-demand languages, though it is not a programming language, it is database management query language.

SQL is mainly used for manipulating and communicating with databases. This is one of the mandatory languages IT professionals need to be familiar with.

There is high demand for SQL as it is a part of each and every job description in any IT industry, without database the company can’t handle data, so it is and will always be on top one for a programming language. Its demand in IT industry can never be reduced.

2. Java

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Second on the list is most famous and popular one in current use, that is Java programming language. The reason for the demand of java language always on high priority is that it has a feature –write-once-run-anywhere philosophy, this makes it be compatible for any of the platform.

You can write a java code in one system and you can run the code anywhere, under any platform. Java language certification holds a strong position for a software engineer in IT industry, has its proof that he has got the training of Java and is able to code.

Out there are many books and learning courses available for java language which helps coder to a gross lot of knowledge and become a java freak.

Java language makes an exact fit for Android’s fragmented ecosystem of many OS versions, builds, customizations, and vendors. Java language is used almost in many of the software.

3. PHP

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

PHP is a very famous scripting language. It is a server-side scripting language which is almost part of every website worldwide. This is the language which is used approximately over 80% of websites – few of them to list are the likes of Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress.

If 80% websites depend on PHP for the server side scripting then it is sure that its demand can never reduce, not even in present but also in future. It has a very high growth for a software geek and its demand always on high priority in IT industry.

There are many pieces of training and websites available where you can learn PHP from beginning to scripting websites. You can even try for the PHP certifications which will help you to gain most of the knowledge of coding in PHP.

4. JavaScript

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Javascript is also a famous scripting language, but it’s a client-side scripting language. Similarly to SQL, JavaScript’s demand in an IT industry can never be reduced no matter what, it is omnipresent in almost all of the job descriptions.

It is Used for front-end development, the backend can be any of the languages such as Java, PHP, or C#. The popups seen in any of the websites is enabled all because of javascript code on that particular website.

Before closing any of the tabs, you will be getting a pop-up, asking for confirmation to close the window, it is enabled by the help of Javascript codes.

Javascript being a frontend language, it will always on top one list no matter what its demand can never reduce.

5. C++

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

The IT industry nowadays is increasingly grossed towards web and mobile. If you don’t prefer to head in that direction and prefer to stay with hardcore programming for system software, game engines, and desktop apps, the best thing you can find is old C++.

It is an object-oriented programming language, similar to Java, though their features vary, one common thing between both Java and C++ is that they are object-oriented programming languages, which always have high demand in IT industries.

It seems to be Hard, complex, and powerful similar to a tank, this language managed to beat its cousin C# in popularity and fame last year, this is as per the data by

6. C#

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

C# is also one of the famous language, which is used in many applications in IT industry. It is most suitable for beginners, it is easy to learn but though it contains the hardcore part of coding.

It seems to have little boilerplate but its also in demand and it can never be reduced. The main reason behind C# success is that it is created and developed by Microsoft and is the major language necessary for developing Windows 8/10 apps.

C# is part of the .NET Core. It has a high priority demand for windows app development and no matter what its popularity and demand can never be reduced.

7. Python

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Python is also a very famous and popular language, many of the coders rely on this programming languages for making their codes shorter and yet more efficient. It is used for desktop and web apps, Python is known to be a general-purpose language that concentrates mainly on optimizing productivity.

The uniqueness of this programming language is it requires shorter codes, instead of lengthy codes and codes are easy to read.

There are many training institutes available, where python Django training will be provided and certifications on python will surely help to have a stronghold in IT industry. This is easy to learn for beginners and its demand can never be reduced!

8.  Swift

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Swift is a  very popular language, if iOS is your opted field, then this programming language surely will be helpful, this is your language. This popular language is developed by Apple itself, Swift’s main goal is to rival and engulf Object-C as the preferred language for the company’s platforms.

It provides type safety, security, and good performance, it is also easy to learn a programming language and is most suitable for beginner iOS developers. Its demand can never reduce as long as iOS exists.

9. Perl

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

Perl language is primarily of two languages – Perl 5 and Perl 6 – that are engaged basically in CGI, graphics, network, and finance programming.

The main reason behind the success of Perl language is Perl’s high quality, that is versatility and interoperability with other programming languages.

This quality of Perl language makes it be a great DevOps tool, so if you are planning on heading for such a job description, you have to learn this language and get versed in it. You can enroll for certifications which helps to gross knowledge in Perl language.

10. Wild-Card: Kotlin

Top 10 Programming Languages On Demand

This language is listed as the tenth in the list, but it is not so popular as of now, but for sure in future, it will be of great demand. Prior to this year, Android originated support for this language.

This language is known to be quite easy, light, and completely compatible with Java, most of the people expect Kotlin to push out the latter as the most used programming language for Android apps. Though its a new language yet easy to learn and it will be having good demand in future.

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